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Are you friends with Bon Joli Farm on Facebook yet?
Are you friends with Bon Joli Farm on Facebook yet?
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Bon Joli Farm is tucked into the beautiful Texas Hill Country about 12 miles north of the charming town of Fredericksburg, which is the second most popular tourist destination in Texas. We are conveniently located in Central Texas-less than 2 hours west from Austin and San Antonio, and less than 3 hours south of San Angelo.

We have specialized in non traditional Boer goats since the beginning of our involvement with the breed, when we attended the first public meeting about South African Boer goats at Junction, Texas in August of 1993. We were so impressed with what we saw and heard that we paid our $100 dues that day and became member number 27 in the brand new American Boer Goat Association. We have had fine red Boer goats, paint Boer goats, and, more recently, the very popular spotted and dappled Boer goats for sale over the years. Our colored fullblood and percentage Boer goats have been well received, and have sold into many places besides Texas. There are Bon Joli Farm Boer goats in New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas, Louisiana, California, Montana, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, and Mexico. We'd welcome goat customers from close states like Oklahoma and New Mexico, too!



Fullblood and Percentage Colored Boer Goats

We have an excellent selection of fullblood and percentage red and paint Boer goats for sale seasonally, along with some very good traditional Boer goats which have strong colored genetics in their bloodlines. We select for good conformation, nice, well-attached udders, good bites, mothering ability, good health, and good feet (I hate to trim hooves!). Our goal is to always produce sound, attractive, colored Boer goats. We seldom show our own goats, but are very pleased when our buyers compete and do well at the shows with Bon Joli Farm animals.


Spots, Dots, and Dapples

We have a few spotted Boer goats for sale on occasion, both fullblood and percentage. I call the spotted Boers "dapples" because they remind me of dappled horses, and dappled shade. Others call them "polka dots", after the name of the Whiteheads' doe, T4 Polka Dot, now owned by Holly McShane of Fern Hollow Farm. By whatever name, I find this spotted color pattern to be striking and very attractive.

We also have dappled percentageBoer goats for sale which are not registerable with any of the Boer goat associations, so I started a registry for them with Pedigree International in 2006. We call this line the DeLobbe Dapple, and it is based on the family lines of our excellent spotted percentage buck, Rhodapple . It is intended to be a moderate, functional, and attractive composite color breed for commercial goat breeders and wether production. We are extremely proud of this group of spotted goats.



Farm Dogs

Our farm is guarded by a pair of Pyrenees / Anatolian cross livestock guardians. We do not raise or sell LGD puppies. However, the Bon Joli Farm Boer goat herd is exercised by our registered Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherd. We do occasionally have a litter of Aussies or Mini Aussies for sale, and sometimes a good adult dog.



Bon Joli Farm

Henri & Carol DeLobbe
P.O. Box 1852
Fredericksburg, TX 78624


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